Get wise. Centralise.

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Why leading global businesses centralise mobile procurement? Throughout the world, long-established working patterns may be changing permanently. This will almost certainly influence the mobile communications needs of organisations with internationally dispersed workforces. Businesses must now consider these [...]

Thomas Moe – Management Board

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"The spirit of operators working together to meet global customer needs, it is a mission I believe strongly in! Despite backgrounds, business needs, and cultural differences both customers and Freemove partners strive to simplify and have competitive solutions in place, [...]

Valérie Cussac – Supervisory Board

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Valérie Cussac, Executive Vice President of the Smart Mobility Services division within Orange Business Services, has been appointed to the FreeMove Supervisory Board as the Orange Group representative. The FreeMove Supervisory Board brings together top executives from the Alliance’s four [...]

Martin Knauer – Supervisory Board

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Martin Knauer has been appointed as Deutsche Telekom representative on the Supervisory Board of FreeMove! At Telekom Deutschland, Martin is the Senior Vice President of Mobile Sales Corporate Customers. He is a highly experienced sales and marketing executive with international [...]

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