FreeMove, the world’s leading mobile communications organisation, launches Flex Profiles, an innovative concept for users with similar communication patterns. 

FreeMove works with its member national operators to ensure global coordination of the best local offers and network capabilities. Its mission is to increase visibility, control and cost savings for multinational customers, while removing the complexity of managing mismatched plans across their footprint.

Flex Profiles is a direct response to some of the key needs of multinational corporations when it comes to tariff consistency. It offers tailor-made packages to match different consumption behaviours of users across an international mobile fleet. For example, a typical profile would include office-based workers who may need less roaming or data services, while another would be dedicated to global sales teams who need much larger roaming and data bundles to work effectively on the move.

These tariffs can be compared easily from one country to another, optimising the allowance per user and avoiding unnecessary charges. Flex Profiles adapt to local requirements and to customers’ ever-changing work patterns as users can be shifted from one profile to another. This ensures that employees benefit from a highly cost-effective price while using the best local networks wherever they are in Europe and the USA.

“When it comes to running a large corporation over multiple locations, we are really aware of the problem of transparency and predictability faced by our customers. The added complexity of disparate local offers often means costs run away from them, especially if their needs change,” said Lazaro Fernandez, who has recently taken on the role of FreeMove General Manager. “I’m excited that we’ve been able to fast track FreeMove Flex Profiles along with the central coordination needed to ensure delivery across 24 countries.”

FreeMove Flex Profiles is now available across Europe and the USA. It can be combined with FreeMove Corporate Pooling, a tailor-made allowance of mobile voice, SMS, data and roaming that can be shared across an entire fleet within the same country. This means customers have the ultimate choice and flexibility when it comes to managing their spend per country.

Both offers enable employees to work effectively wherever they are, while maximising returns across an entire mobile fleet.