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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have addressed the most common questions asked about FreeMove’s range of products and services. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I contact FreeMove?2017-10-19T17:47:25+02:00

If you are already a FreeMove customer, your Global Account Manager will be able to brief you on FreeMove’s latest offerings.

For products and sales information, our Service Management and Products and Services pages should have all the information you need., and if you’re not yet a FreeMove customer, the business sales team at your local member operator (Orange, TeliaSonera, TIM or T-Mobile), will be able to help you.

For all other queries, please use the contact form.

How does FreeMove benefit consumers on small and medium-sized businesses?2017-10-19T17:45:47+02:00

The focus of FreeMove is on multinational corporations, but services for consumers and small/medium-sized businesses are available direct from our alliance members in your country.

How do I become a FreeMove customer?2017-10-19T17:44:57+02:00

Multinational corporations can take advantage of FreeMove’s global services if they have mobile needs in two or more of the 32 European countries we serve directly. For more information, please contact us or see our footprint.

What services and products does FreeMove offer2017-10-19T17:42:35+02:00

Please see the Service Management and Products and Services areas for details of all our current products and services.

What countries does FreeMove cover?2017-10-19T17:43:04+02:00

For details of our current footprint, please see our map.

How does FreeMove work?2017-10-19T17:43:25+02:00

The alliance is a legally incorporated entity with a clearly defined corporate governance structure. It is composed of a management board, general manager and functional and support working groups. FreeMove’s long-term strategy is to continue developing its services and capabilities to provide real benefit to its customers.

What is FreeMove?2017-10-19T17:43:42+02:00

An alliance of some of the world’s leading mobile operators, we created FreeMove to take the complexity out of international mobile services. Multinational clients can benefit from a single sales and service contact, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of offers that cover the main European countries.

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