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FreeMove Harmonised Performance Indicators

Demonstrating strength and reliability

We publish and apply a clear set of standards across our footprint, representing a visible assurance of the support you can expect from all four of the FreeMove operators in each of your key European countries, so you can keep your people up-to-date at a local level.

We clearly track and demonstrate how we are delivering against benchmark service levels in terms of:

  • Network and service quality
  • Customer service
  • Device care and management

Your benefits

  • Help IT and Fleet Managers make decisions based on reliable metrics
  • Make it easier to compare FreeMove’s performances with competitors

FreeMove Quality Portal

Visibility and control

This web-based application enables you to monitor the mobile service performances in all your countries by consolidating key information into one dashboard. The intuitive widgets depict the overall compliance and gaps with threshold values. The KPIs (including network coverage, service availability, and voice/SMS success rates) are harmonised. This makes them easier to compare and analyse, and facilitates the enforcement of quality control policies.

Your benefits

  • Flexible, intuitive platform
  • Personalise the data, graphics and threshold values
  • Filter the data based on the period, country and business services
  • Export your reports in various formats (Excel, Word, PDF)