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FreeMove aims to help multinational corporations manage mobility more efficiently

FreeMove recently shared with Omdia how it plans to further help multi-national corporations (MNCs) simplify and streamline how enterprise mobility complexities are managed. This report discusses key highlights from that briefing session, including FreeMove’s plans around IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions integration, and the progress made around new partnerships.

Challenges for Multinational Corporations

Supporting a mobile workforce is critical to the way that modern organizations operate. However, this has become a complex issue as organizations look to implement their digital transformation strategies. This is especially true for large multi-national corporations that often have fragmented mobile service investments across different geographies. For employees, a lack of connectedness and system integration when it comes to business mobility can negatively impact their productivity.

Simplifying mobility for Multinational Corporations

FreeMove helps multinationals reduce overall mobile costs through centralized service procurement, offers a mobile network that spans over 100 countries, and helps remove complexities businesses encounter in managing a mobile fleet across different geographies. By partnering with a single provider like FreeMove, MNCs also benefit from centralized mobility management and support for employees across the organization.

Lazaro Fernandez, FreeMove General Manager

“We are much honored that OMDIA recognizes FreeMove as a key player in taking away the complexity of Multinationals’ enterprise mobility by focusing on a seamless effort policy for its customers. For FreeMove and its members and partners, the customer is always first. In 2020 we organized our Customer Advisory Board for the second time in order to validate our strategy and to ensure we understand all their needs crystal clear. We are very proud that despite the pandemic difficulties, we have successfully onboarded Swisscom, the leading player in the Swiss market. FreeMove, its members, and partners are working together to provide value to the market, the ITSM solution we are working on will enable customers and members to manage mobility services centrally via their own ITSM instance throughout the FreeMove footprint in a managed services and automated way.”