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FreeMove Alliance gets Euromaster on the right road with mobile communications

Leading integrated European tyre and maintenance car network provider Euromaster, selects FreeMove Alliance for consolidated mobile communications solution.

The customer

Wholly-owned subsidiary of Michelin Group and founded in 1991, Euromaster offers tyre and vehicle maintenance solutions for retail and professional customers (light and heavy vehicles, agricultural, civil-engineering and industrial vehicles, 2-wheels) with the same levels of quality and services as the best European distribution networks.

Euromaster ensures an effective, fluid and seamless mobility, thanks to its network and its people: their expertise, their commitment and their understanding of each customer.

The requirements

Operating across multiple countries, Euromaster had numerous local agreements to supply mobile services and devices to its employees.  Although day to day this was working fine, it was recognised that a move to a consolidated contract could not only bring about significant cost savings on voice and data expenditure, but also a significant reduction in time could also be gained with a centralised ordering system.

Any potential partner would need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and provide evidence that it had delivered a similar solution beyond the customer expectation.

The solution

FreeMove  developed a tailored solution that carefully mirrored the exact requirements of Euromaster. A centralised mobile ordering system enabled employees across nine countries to request and order devices and accessories from a simple and consistent easy-to-use menu. Reporting was centralised and simplified with administrators having the opportunity to check orders and costs by region and site.

The benefits

“The FreeMove solution has made it much easier to manage a large mobile workforce across multiple countries and locations, with significant mobile voice and data cost savings being achieved through group buying discounts.”

Telecom Group Performance Manager / Euromaster

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