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Control Mobility Costs

As one of the largest mobile communications group in the world, we are equipped to deliver the best possible services and solutions for the best possible value across all of our partner countries.

We help you keep your costs under control

Clear, predictable, and fair. That’s the approach we take with our voice and data prices to ensure your mobile users can communicate without limit wherever they are, and give you maximum buying power and control over your communications spend.

Global Account Manager

Voice Plan

Are you relying on a patchwork of complex and costly local services? Talk to us about our simple, predictable and affordable voice offers.

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Implementation Manager

Data Plan

Enable your people to collaborate and share information whenever and wherever they are, while using your central buying power for maximum benefit.

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Business Support Manager

Fleet Management

Take advantage of our central ordering and central report tools to monitor and analyse your mobile spend and usage.

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See how FreeMove reduce your costs

See also how you can reduce your operating costs with a more centralised approach

By pooling the resources and sharing the best practices of our member operators, we deliver a smooth, high-performing and unparalleled service experience wherever you do business – at home and abroad.

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