Remote Access

Remote Access

Your data available anywhere

This seamless, end-to-end remote access solution gives you instant access to your corporate network and applications from over 160 countries and 700,000 hotspots worldwide.

FreeMove Remote Access provides not only an improved connectivity experience for your employees, but also increased visibility and control for your IT departments across your entire mobile fleet and footprint.

You’ll notice an immediate increase in productivity and work efficiency regardless of where your teams are: in the office, at home, at a client site or anywhere in between.

Seamless connectivity

A single lightweight connectivity software client that automatically recommends the best network option from public and private Wi-Fi, mobile, broadband and dial-up.


Increased visibility via a central web portal for easy configuration and ongoing management, including breakdown of roaming as well as over and under-used devices, customised trend and status reports plus real-time alerts.


Helping you enforce cost and compliance policies including Internet and corporate access and application use for a range of devices.