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Meet our international team.

The FreeMove Alliance is headed by top executives from our four members and led by Selma Avdagic Tisljar, the General Manager.

The Supervisory Board

Responsible for setting the Alliance’s strategy, the Supervisory Board ensures that the correct resources are in place to support delivery across the four members of the FreeMove Alliance.

  • Valérie Cussac

    Valérie Cussac

  • Antonio Morabito
    Telecom Italia

    Antonio Morabito

  • Martin Knauer
    Deutsche Telekom

    Martin Knauer

  • Pernilla Wikman
    Telia company
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    Pernilla Wikman

The Management Board

Overseeing the day-to-day management of the Alliance, the Management Board guarantees a coordinated approach to managing accounts, the flawless operation of our products and the innovation of new services to our customers.

  • Mathilde Balenbois

    Mathilde Balenbois

  • Richard Minciotti
    telecom italia

    Richard Minciotti

  • Stefan Grosse Onnebrink
    deutsche telekom

    Stefan Grosse Onnebrink

  • Thomas Moe
    telia company

    Thomas Moe

The Directors

  • Selma Avdagic Tisljar
    General manager

    Selma Avdagic Tisljar

  • Carolina Ramirez
    Marketing Director

    Carolina Ramirez

  • Mathias Nordqvist
    Sales Director

    Mathias Nordqvist

  • Doruntina Mekshi
    Program & Partner Manager

    Doruntina Mekshi

Service Centre

FreeMove Service Center, is a neutral unit and provide operational support in many areas to all FreeMove Alliance members and partners. A diverse team that covers many different areas to facilitate the activities of the Alliance’s working groups.

  • David Oros
    head of freemove service center

    David Oros

  • Vivien Halmos-Sajti
    international bid manager

    Vivien Halmos-Sajti

  • Tamás László
    content manager

    Tamás László

  • Adam Budahazi
    content manager

    Adam Budahazi

  • Tímea Kukucska
    contract and gdpr manager

    Tímea Kukucska

  • Nandor Gondos
    sales working group manager

    Nandor Gondos

  • Marietta Vida
    central sales desk

    Marietta Vida

  • György Takács
    marketing specialist

    György Takács

  • Bence Tengely
    service delivery manager

    Bence Tengely

  • Vivien Ugrina
    international bid manager

    Vivien Ugrina

  • Eszter Józsa
    international bid manager

    Eszter Józsa

Business Support

A first-class customer care solution to handle your needs! Dedicated single point of contact for your Fleet Managers for all operational and management issues. Manage and supervise the activation of all International Products and Services across your footprint.

  • Madalina Buzatel
    business support coordinator

    Madalina Buzatel

  • Roxana Pietreanu
    business intelligence officer

    Roxana Pietreanu

  • Lavinia Mihaela Mihailescu
    business intelligence officer

    Lavinia Mihaela Mihailescu

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