Price predictability and cost saving

Everyone in business needs to work effectively wherever they are, but the cost of using a mobile especially while travelling is a natural concern for companies spread out over many locations and countries. Are you relying on a patchwork of complex and costly local services? Then why not talk to us about our simple, predictable and affordable voice and data offers. They’re tailored to your company’s needs and take advantage of your central buying power to help you gain more control and maximum return on your mobile investment.

FreeMove International Roaming: Cut the cost of making and receiving international and roaming calls regardless of the network you’re using.

FreeMove International Connect: Integrates your mobile phones into a Closed User Group to give you clear and attractive rates on all calls within your company.

FreeMove Data Roaming: Easy to manage data offers based on a three-tier model that is consistent across our footprint and accommodates all types of user.

FreeMove National Flat Rates: Transparent, all-inclusive national voice and data rates across many European countries and the USA.

FreeMove Remote Access: This seamless, end-to-end remote access solution gives you instant access to your corporate network and applications from over 160 countries and 700,000 hotspots worldwide.