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Our Mission

Find out in less than one minute how FreeMove can help you manage mobility more efficiently.

Being a trusted partner for multinational companies.

Picto Premium

Give access to premium networks

FreeMove members are the leading operators in their own footprint offering best-in-class mobile connectivity and quality. They also combine the highest performing networks of Tier 1 and 2 national subsidiaries to offer customers extensive coverage and support their global mobile strategy.

Picto Best

Generate the best customer experience

In business, it is essential to have someone on hand when required. Our specialised teams ensure fleet managers always have access to outstanding, joined-up support and service quality, providing the best customer experience.

Picto Business Support

Mobilise customers’ business

Seamless mobile communication is critical for doing business internationally, and often specific business models rely on it. FreeMove knows how to deliver maximum business value across very large mobile fleets.

Make it easy to do business with us

Thanks to time-tested processes, centralised account leadership and a flexible contracting approach, we simplify international mobility management and procurement.