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Benefits of centralizing mobile communication for MNCs

Benefits of centralizing mobile communication for MNCs


Decentralized mobile communication can have its advantages for a multinational company, such as allowing for more local control and customization of services. However, it can also lead to complications such as a lack of control and visibility over multiple providers, contracts, and agreements in different territories, and increased complexity in cost management and reporting.

Centralizing mobile connectivity management can help address these issues and provide a more streamlined and efficient solution for multinational companies.

Why is it beneficial to centralize mobile connectivity?

Centralizing mobile connectivity management is important for multinational companies: it helps them gain control and visibility over their mobile fleets across territories, reduces complexity and hassle when dealing with multiple providers in diverse markets, optimizes procurement and management costs, and ensures reliable data and seamless experience through a single point of access. The FreeMove Alliance offers a central solution with local expertise and support, allowing companies to bring most of their terms together under one framework agreement, and provides a dedicated team for service management to resolve technical issues and manage mobile services efficiently.

Centralized Mobile Fleet Coordination: Central Report

The FreeMove Alliance promotes central coordination of mobile fleets through its Central Report platform. It offers a wide range of reports with varying levels of detail to facilitate cost control and usage analysis. With a single access point, Central Report is available in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas and can be customized for individual customers. Central Report is a web-based, secure portal that offers real-time reporting on cost and usage for international fleets. It allows companies to track usage, including by region, business unit, time, and connection type, helping optimize mobile communication costs. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use, but the Alliance’s Business Support team is available for assistance. Local support is also provided for seamless integration into businesses.

Stay global, act local

Combining a centralized approach with local expertise to create a GLOCAL solution for managing mobile connectivity, the FreeMove Alliance acts as a central hub for coordination, offering a single interface for collecting proposals, negotiations, and contracting. Meanwhile also involving local members, partners, and local customer affiliates to ensure the best setup for customers’ daily operations. The Alliance provides a single point of contact in the form of a Global Account Manager (GAM) who works with customers to optimize procurement and management costs by harmonizing the strongest local offers, services, and roaming capabilities. The GAM coordinates with Local Account Managers in each country to assemble the best possible solution, tailored to the customer’s overarching needs.

With the Alliance’s International Master Agreement –  a streamlined framework -, companies can simplify their terms and agreements into one unified framework, with pre-agreed conditions for areas such as payment, data protection, liability, and more. There is still the option for local affiliates to add specific, local terms to the agreement, our experts always manage to find the best-fitting solution for the customer.

A central team for service management, customers benefit from a central point of contact for all service management needs, both domestically and internationally, with a focus on ensuring consistent performance across the entire mobile fleet. The dedicated Customer Support Management team works closely with fleet managers to resolve any technical issues and provide efficient mobile services management. As we operate in over 100 countries globally (click here to see our footprint), the Alliance offers a single solution for global enterprises to access the best local networks wherever they conduct business.

Learn more about how we help the top European multinational companies to optimize their investment in mobile communication.

“The FreeMove Alliance is leading the market for cross-border mobile connectivity for MNCs via their ‘Powered by’ go-to-market approach, which is specifically designed for enterprises that have centralized their connectivity procurement and need to simplify integration touchpoints. The Alliance’s framework excels at automation, orchestration, and integration capabilities for enterprises, as well as providing access to some of the best mobile networks and services in the world while keeping a close relationship with their primary and trusted telco partner. It is a truly unique enterprise-near model that can make a huge difference in terms of customer satisfaction.”

– Alejandro Cadenas, Associate Vice President, European Telco and Mobility Research at IDC

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