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Enterprise mobility management services for multi-national corporations in 2022

Enterprise mobility management services for multi-national corporations in 2022


The past two years have witnessed a massive change in society, which in turn has impacted global business. This upheaval has resulted in the widespread adoption of remote working practices, with many companies embracing the opportunities presented by a remote or hybrid workplace. While more and more recruitment firms are now offering smart working as an incentive for potential employees.

This shift in modern business practices has allowed multi-national corporations to recruit further afield and no longer be bound by costly relocation packages. Remote working has been enabled by mobile management technologies, which lead to increased connectivity and collaboration for enterprises.


Mobile device management

A key element of a mobility management platform is the mobile device management suite. It is this service that allows organisations to manage the devices connecting to a corporate network.

Once the mobile device management suite has been installed – and the appropriate permissions are in place – personal devices can be used on the corporate networks. This frees companies from costly hardware purchases whilst allowing them to recruit globally, as they no longer need to send corporate devices to their employees. As a potential extension, mobile device management enables wearable devices – such as smart glasses and wearable cameras – to be incorporated into the company’s network. Devices such as wearable sensors and cameras can then be used for automated data collection and sharing.

When bespoke or critical software is used, it is important to ensure updates do not interfere with business operations. With mobile device management systems in place, these updates can be withheld until they have been verified in virtual sandbox environments prior to release.

Convenient downtimes can then be scheduled for the updates. To support the increasingly distributed nature of a modern workforce, these moments can be defined based on region, since global releases are unlikely to avoid peak demand worldwide.

Another key aspect of mobile device management is the GPS tracking capability and remote wiping function. With an increasing amount of corporate information shared between devices, there is a need for misplaced appliances to be quickly located through GPS tracking. Once mobile device management services are enabled, if a tool is lost or stolen it is possible to remotely erase all data on it, no matter the distance.


Mobile identity management

With the number of escalating threats faced by modern enterprise, network security is a key factor for multi-national corporations operating across a multitude of smart devices.

Mobility identity management systems allow user management and access control for a distributed workforce. Through this, a more effective versioning control can be enabled, as well as managing access rights for users operating across a multitude of devices.


Mobile content management

Since GDPR came into effect, data protection regulations have become increasingly stringent, especially regarding sharing personal information, such as employee contact details and CVs. The broader definition of personal data means that more information needs to be controlled and protected by organisations. With mobile content management policies in place, organisations can ensure that data-sharing complies with regional data protection requirements.

Content management systems can also be used to ensure the required formatting of information, which can act as a platform for automating simple tasks. This will improve the overall efficiency of business processes and let staff focus their skills and talents on more productive and fulfilling assignments.


The sum of its parts

2022 has already proven to be a turbulent year, and things may become worse before they get better. Increasing fuel prices globally are likely to contribute to an even higher demand for homeworking.

As such, mobility management platforms have become a fundamental tool in ensuring multi-national corporations can achieve their full potential. By using these features, organisations can maximise their productivity and efficiency.

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