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Enterprise mobility solutions: companies that change the world

Enterprise mobility solutions: companies that change the world


At the beginning of 2022, the FreeMove Alliance and Millicom a leading provider of fixed, mobile, and digital services in Latin America announced a partnership agreement to offer seamless connectivity solutions to multinational customers (MNCs) across the Americas and beyond.

The two companies aim at working together to ensure that organizations in LATAM and those in the rest of the world can rely on them for hassle-free global enterprise mobility management and that customers can feel safe and assured in their hands.  

Before the agreement, the FreeMove Alliance had a presence in two of the largest countries in the Americas via its members T-Mobile US in the USA and TIM in Brazil. However, the Alliance felt that the bridge between Europe and the Americas was not complete: customers were looking for support in countries where the group was not present. 

The new partnership expanded FreeMove Alliance’s reach in Latin America, adding Millicom’s eight mobile communications markets: Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Paraguay to its network of already more than one hundred markets worldwide.  


Enterprise mobility solutions companies: a partnership overview 

The FreeMove Alliance helps the top European multinational companies optimize their investment in mobile connectivity by offering global access to the most reliable networks through a central point of management. The Alliance provides central reporting that allows companies to:  

  • have a transparent overview and control of mobile costs and usage;  
  • benefit from a central point of contact, a Global Account Manager, who understands an organization’s needs, priorities, and vision;  
  • make the most of their centralized buying power;  
  • take advantage of flexible international contracting, to suit many legal requirements;  
  • get access to a truly global footprint of more than 100 countries.  


Millicom, on the other hand, is a leading provider of fixed and mobile services dedicated to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa. As of the end of September 2021, Millicom provides mobile services to approximately 44 million customers. Millicom’s multinational clients who already operate in one or more of their eight Latin American mobile markets now have access to the alliance’s tier-one operators in the US, Brazil, and Europe, as well as its wider global network. They will also benefit from the FreeMove Alliance’s centralized enterprise mobility offerings including Contracting, Reporting, Ordering, and Incident Management, as well as its extensive global business support. 


The FreeMove Alliance: the expansion to the West 

“With Millicom, our partners and customers gain eight strong, emerging markets in Central and South America in one go,” said Lazaro Fernandez, General Manager of the FreeMove Alliance. “The partnership allows us also to further optimize the investment MNCs have made to deliver top-notch mobile connectivity across borders.” 

This partnership allows the two organizations to take advantage of the GloCal strategy that is at the heart of the FreeMove Alliance’s approach. One of its key benefits is the fact that it provides its customers with best-in-class networks anywhere they operate. Customers can access the Alliance’s networks and support anywhere they do or plan to do business. Plus, the group can coordinate for its clients’ global and local needs, so they receive the best experience and optimize their investment in mobility. 

The Alliance is identifying customers with a presence both in the Americas and in Europe and aims to explore and develop new areas that are also the focus of their customers. Apart from Millicom, T-Mobile Us, and TIM Brazil the FreeMove Alliance also works on an ad-hoc basis with other best-in-class operators in the Americas. Beyond those agreements, the Alliance is open to additional partners in the region who are engaged, committed, and reliable, whilst offering them plenty of benefits, particularly when it comes to the footprint and access to members and other partners. 

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