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How partnerships drive the change for Telco companies: FreeMove & Danfoss

How partnerships drive the change for Telco companies: FreeMove & Danfoss


Mobility – the use of mobile data, new devices, applications, and communications services – is one of the most disruptive forces in today’s enterprise market. Many analysts have recognized it as a critical success factor for all enterprises when it becomes a business philosophy to embrace mobility as a strategic asset and opportunity.

Telcos can be a key enabler and business partner in this transformation, but the key is their ability to offer enterprises a customer-centered approach, along with top-quality networks and services.  


FreeMove Alliance & Danfoss: rationalising the fleet 

Customer centricity is exactly the DNA of the FreeMove Alliance, one of the world’s leading mobile telecommunications alliances formed by Orange, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, and Telia. This approach has made a success story out of the partnership between the FreeMove Alliance and Danfoss. The Danish multinational that engineers and sells infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency, and climate-friendly solutions, with operations around the world (more than 100 countries). 

Danfoss first partnered with the FreeMove Alliance in 2019 to rationalise its mobile fleet. The shift to a central procurement model delivered the expected results in terms of reducing cost and complexity while improving productivity. This year Danfoss renewed the partnership: “We keep supporting our mobility strategy with the FreeMove Alliance and we also intend to explore new capabilities”, says Patrick O’Brien, Danfoss. 


Telco companies and partners: where to start 

FreeMove Alliance synchronises the know-how and capabilities of its members, which are the leading operators in their own footprint, offering best-in-class mobile connectivity and quality. They also combine the highest performing networks of Tier 1 and 2 national subsidiaries to offer customers extensive coverage and support their mobile strategy. “Our governance structure focuses on the end-user, also through a Customer advisory board”, says Mathias Nordqvist, FreeMove Alliance. “We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and meet their requests, cooperating closely to identify and offer customized and best-in-class solutions. Our specialized teams ensure fleet managers always have access to outstanding support, providing the best customer experience”. 

FreeMove has fully delivered on the promise: “Danfoss needed a partner with a strong foothold in the Danish market and a full understanding of its dynamics, a partner that could work closely with us, see through our needs and offer a one voice approach whenever we need to interact”, says Patrick O’Brien. 


Goals achieved  


Cost reduction is, of course, an issue for enterprises and that was achieved by FreeMove Alliance and Danfoss thanks to centralized procurement, that simplifies negotiations and management of multiple suppliers. But delivering quality connectivity on quality devices is just as important. “For Danfoss it’s all about the end-user and the mobile device that enables working anytime anywhere. Our mobile workforce is our strength and tablets are the key devices for our productivity”, says Patrick O’Brien. 

Now Danfoss is expanding its IoT (Internet of Things) offer and the members of the FreeMove Alliance are once again “the right partners to bring our products to the market. We appreciate additional-value items like fast delivery of new devices or the capability to explore new opportunities like 5G in the production line”, says Patrick O’Brien 


As an alliance of Telco companies, “The FreeMove Alliance is able to share best practices within the organization and tap into a pool of experiences to build new success stories”, says Nordqvist. “We also offer a winning Glocal approach: we ensure local relations and support to our customers while helping them in their national and global operations and goals. Customer-centricity, top-tier networks, a Glocal model and a sharing approach inside the alliance are driving the change for Telco companies today and making them a fit partner for enterprises to be successful in their digital transformation. We effectively help companies be mobile-first and drive their growth”. 

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