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Mobile management solutions: how to reduce complexity and costs 

Mobile management solutions: how to reduce complexity and costs 


Organizations are keen to embrace work mobility, which allows their workforce to use disparate devices and networks to access corporate systems and data, and to collaborate between teams, often located anywhere in the world.

n fact, work mobility fits perfectly into today’s hybrid work model that has emerged from the pandemic crisis: a new paradigm that has invested the traditional workplace, turning it into a flowing collaboration space. Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and Mobile Managed Services help companies navigate the Next Normal of work successfully, avoiding the inefficiency that often invests a hybrid model when it comes to communication.  

Mobile device management solutions to innovate the workplace  

While the transition to remote work was sudden and not always smooth, a significant proportion of companies found that it was extremely effective and are willing to innovate the workplace. Easy access toenterprise applications and real-time collaboration tools keeps teams connected and cooperating wherever they are, improving therefore productivity, agility and the worker’s experience. Employees have become accustomed to this flexibility and convenience and remote work is more and more a priority, especially for young employees and new, even younger, hires.   

But companies need to manage devices and be sure to preserve productivity and security along with end user support across all premises and operating countries. Having the right processes and solutions in place is what reduces complexity for managers and employees and provides a seamless experience for teams moving from one office to another.  

MDM solutions: ITSM and all tools you can’t do without  

Mobile device management solutions encompass the IT and process management services required to acquire, provision and support smartphones, tablets and field force devices with integrated cellular and/or wireless connectivity. An MDM solution also provides a level of control to companies supporting individual liable devices, or bring your own device (BYID), accessing corporate resources and information. IT Service Management (ITSM) tools facilitate the tasks and workflows associated with the management and delivery of quality IT services. This is especially true for cloud-based ITSM platforms that truly transform a company’s IT service delivery and integrate effectively the several processes of IT service management, like Incident management.   

Mobile device management (MDM) costs 

Moreover, Central Report tools can provide companies with a transparent view on telecommunication costs and usage of company’s devices, at a national and international level. The more advanced and secure platforms support a detailed cost controlling and usage analysis. Finally, Mobile Device Management solutions provide every employee with the right tools and resources needed to get their job done while keeping enterprise data and networks secure.   

MDM solutions: streamlining the process   

Mobile Device Management solutions rest, of course, on communication networks that offer extensive coverage and global support. They will be more successful when implemented in partnership with industry experts that not only sell products but offer consultancy and, possibly, customized solutions. That will make a world of difference for companies that need to simplify international mobility management and procurement and want their investment on mobile management to pay off. With MDM companies can, in fact, bring together their fragmented mobile procurement and management approaches to leverage purchasing power and a tighter control over their fleet while ensuring local delivery, decision-making and support.  

With remote work, or rather the Hybrid workplace, entering mainstream it is essential for organizations to have the appropriate solutions in place to leverage the benefits of a mobile workforce that can access data anytime anywhere. It is up to organizations now to deploy functional and easy-to-use technology that enables them to solve business problems and is capable of delivering an intuitive and safe experience anytime, anywhere that results in increased collaboration, innovation and competitivity. 


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