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Mobile operator international RFPs: 4 trends for 2022

Mobile operator international RFPs: 4 trends for 2022


The rapid pace of developments within the telecommunications sphere is presenting new opportunities for mobile networking and 5G. The increase in bandwidth and transmission rates allows greater amounts of information to be shared at ever faster speeds.

In 2022, 4 main trends are expected to be the crucial protagonists in Telco globally. Companies will look for innovative solutions and technologies able to expand their businesses and reach, in order to become relevant worldwide. Moreover, in a post-pandemic world, organisations need to virtualise their workplaces, providing the workforce with user-friendly – yet secure – devices. 

Broadband and mobile operators will have to work in synergy, for an even more seamless experience. Last – but not least – new communication tools are expected, to enrich and enhance interaction between professionals and co-workers, internationally.


1.Global reach and global opportunities

Development in telecommunications is no longer centred on western countries. There has been a strong global demand for carrier Wi-Fi, demonstrating technological proliferation in developing countries, as well as in developed markets.

The scale of requests for proposals (RFPs) from mobile operators in the Asia Pacific region is expected to be the strongest driver of growth. Thus, organisations that have an established presence within these regions will be best placed to take advantage of these market demands.


2.Virtual collaboration and the metaverse

As we are still emerging from the pandemic, remote working and digital interaction will remain important factors.  Although Covid-19 appears to be slowly coming under control, clients and workforces are still not necessarily comfortable with returning to offices full-time or meeting in person. Virtual meetings and online collaboration tools will therefore remain focal points for multinational corporations.

It is expected that this way of working will continue well into the future.  Therefore, sufficiently robust telecommunication infrastructure and platforms will be required to meet these continuing demands.

Evolving from this, and potentially accelerated by it, will be the anticipated metaverse; the combination of online social environments and virtual technology. Whilst the technology is still in its infancy, organisations that are able to factor metaverse-based systems within their proposals will be able to quickly establish themselves within this new virtual theatre before their competitors.  


3.Unified connectivity

One area that will be of particular importance is in synergistic relationships between mobile and broadband providers.  As organisations are becoming increasingly distributed, no longer bound by borders or forced to remain near dense population centres for bandwidth, platforms will be needed to maintain connectivity between an increasingly geographically diverse workforce.

Being able to combine mobile and broadband bandwidths together into a cohesive and unified network will become a powerful tool for sharing information. This will enable organisations to ensure swift and reliable communication infrastructure between an ever-more distributed workforce and partnering organisations.


4.Digital communication tools

Until recently, the telephone was still the most popular form of communication, but the move to remote working has seen a fundamental shift in how the general public interacts with organisations.

Online communication tools – from email and webchat, to video conferencing and online telephony – have become accepted forms of interaction, due to the professional service that can now be provided.  However, this is only possible with stable network capabilities offering a consistently reliable service.


Into the future

Covid has, if anything, accelerated change within our society and multi-national corporations will require robust networks upon which online collaboration tools can be platformed. The growing digital infrastructure will likewise place further demands upon telecommunication networks.

Organisations that can adapt promptly to meet these shifting market trends will find themselves best placed to take full advantage of these trends.


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