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Mobility management: why centralisation is everything

Mobility management: why centralisation is everything


Smartphones, laptops and tablets have become central for workers and businesses to get work done, regardless of the industry. As technology evolved, the use of mobile devices has been an assured trend for the past years that has been reinforced by remote work.

Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the adoption of hybrid working solutions rapidly surged, making the use of mobile technology even more essential, as well as the need for mobility management.

The importance of mobile management – also known as Mobile Device Management (MDM) – for enterprises is indisputable: with so much critical data being accessed through several devices, there are risks of losing important information, having financial losses and a damaged reputation in case the equipment is hacked, stolen or lost.

The increase in security breaches over the recent years also emphasises the urgency of having mobility management in place. Companies from various sectors such as healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, and government, suffered thousands of reported attacks only in the last year, with billions of users’ personal data exposed and the highest average cost of data breaches in more than a decade.

Why centralisation is everything

Considering these facts, a centralised mobility management is the answer to secure the company’s devices while maintaining the flexibility and productivity that the workforce needs today. For businesses, this also means a platform that makes it easier to manage all kinds of devices with different operating systems and that provides complete visibility and analytical reports.

Mobile management can bring companies several benefits:

1.Increased security

It is a fact that without mobility management, cybersecurity risks become higher. Mobile management can offer more security to laptops, tablets and smartphones, protecting both the devices and their data. Companies can customise their configurations according to their security policies. For example, users can receive access to data according to their role in the company, have a secure VPN access, GPS tracking, password-protected applications, and other tools that can protect their devices against cybersecurity threats. Even when employees use their personal devices as part of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, mobile management can provide more security, separating and keeping work and personal data safe.

2.Reduced costs

With a centralised management of each mobile device, IT can handle everything from a single dashboard and automate certain tasks, such as device configuration. This leads to saving time and reducing costs. In general, mobility management allows for secure devices, avoids financial losses due to security issues, and helps enhance productivity both for employees and for IT professionals.

3.Improved control and efficiency

Mobile management simplifies the tracking and controlling of many different devices and operating systems. Companies can have more visibility of the devices, set them up and update them remotely, replace them when needed, and oversee their security level. Dealing with issues also becomes easier with a centralised solution that can help the IT team organise the tickets and find resolutions.

4.Compliance to regulations

With many devices to keep track of, enterprises can find difficult to ensure that all of them are compliant to IT standards and regulations. But with mobility management, this can be solved from one single platform to maintain each endpoint within legal requirements.


Besides the above benefits, MDM allows companies to establish protocols to act in case of a suspected threat, provides remote access, user authentication, and is well suited to support the BYOD movement. Overall, it reduces many business risks and offers transparency to help IT understand how devices are used and what improvements can be made for more security, more efficiency, and more productivity. In today’s scenario, mobility management has become paramount to any enterprise.

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