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Multi-country central point of coordination: why it wins over decentralization

Multi-country central point of coordination: why it wins over decentralization


The combination of mobile connectivity and remote working is giving companies truly global reach. However, this comes with some complications as well.

With decentralised mobility solutions, many companies don’t have control or visibility over across territories or even in a single country, where they may have multiple providers with different agreements and contract lengths.


Multi-country central point of coordination: the Central Report

The FreeMove Alliance favours centralised coordination of mobile fleets. The Alliance’s Central Report platform offers an extensive portfolio of reports with aggregations at different levels of granularity to support detailed cost control and usage analysis. Ensuring a seamless experience and reliable data across a global footprint through a single point of access, Central Report is available in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Further countries can be added on an individual customer basis.

Central Report is a secure, web-based portal that provides clear, up-to-date reporting on cost and usage for international fleets. It enables businesses to examine their usage in detail, including parameters such as region, business unit, time, and even type of connection. It allows customers to carry out research and analysis to optimize mobile communication costs. Central Report has been designed from the ground up to be simple and intuitive. However, the Alliance’s Business Support is on hand to provide assistance if needed, as well as local support to ensure smooth integration into businesses.



A GloCal approach

The GloCal approach taken by the Alliance grants a centralised solution, but also adds local know-how and expertise, and provides a single interface for collecting proposals, negotiations, and contracting, instead of requiring companies to reach out to all countries and suppliers themselves. This ensures that customers will get the most value from their local mobile connectivity agreements without all the hassle and complexity that often comes from dealing with multiple providers in diverse markets.

The Alliance acts as a central hub for coordination, but also involves local members, partners, and local customer affiliates to capture local needs and ensure the best set-up for customers daily operations.

Global Account Managers help customers make the most out of their central buying power to optimize procurement and management costs by harmonising the strongest local offers, services, and roaming capabilities. Moreover, as a single point of contact, the Global Account Manager’s role is to understand the customers’ over-arching needs and coordinate the services of Local Account Managers within each country to ensure the best possible solution is assembled from the ground up.


One single framework

The Alliance’s International Master Agreement allows businesses to bring most of their terms together under one framework agreement and a single signature. Pre-aligned terms and conditions mean there is no need to start from ground zero when negotiating term and termination, payment terms, governing law, data protection, confidentiality, and liability.

Businesses still have the flexibility to include concise and autonomous local terms and conditions that are signed by relevant affiliates and the local FreeMove operator in each of their domestic markets.


A dedicated team for Service Management

Customers can rely on a central point of contact for all service management issues, at an international level, ensuring central fleet control across their affiliates and across borders with consolidated monitoring to make sure the Alliance’s services are performing at their best. The Specialist Customer Support Management team works closely with fleet managers to resolve any technical issues and helps manage mobile services in an easy and cost-effective way.

The FreeMove Alliance’s members and partners cover over a hundred countries throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Americas, serving as a one-stop shop for global enterprises to get access to the most reliable local networks wherever they do business.

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