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The power of partnership and collaboration

The power of partnership and collaboration


Examine any chapter of history, from the earliest hunters to the exploration of space, and you will find the integral value of partnership. It is the most recognisable and defining of human characteristics.

It is partnership which, for almost two decades, has enabled the members and partners of The FreeMove Alliance to provide seamless, world-class global mobile communications to hundreds of forward thinking multi-national corporations (MNC’s) across myriad verticals. As these businesses have expanded, bringing their products, services and ideas to new territories, communication, and the support of a mobile workforce, have been critical to their success. This focus has grown ever sharper as technology has gathered pace in the 21st century, allowing the rapid transfer of high volumes of data through mobile devices, facilitating new capabilities and valuable business tools.

A global wave of digital transformation

Another key market shift in recent years has been the emergence of vast, far-reaching digital transformation and systems integration programmes within many global businesses. To remain competitive, responsive, and to better control future operating costs, organisations have sought to replace and modernise the technology underpinning core systems from manufacturing and logistics to finance and human resources. Typically these programs are centrally managed to harness cost benefits, maintain effective project governance, and ensure that capabilities are common throughout the world. Often the need for interoperability between these systems, and mobile devices and networks, impacts how MNC’s manage their global mobile communications, since everything must be able to work effectively hand-in-hand.

One-stop solutions for global mobile communications

FreeMove was formed by Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telia Company and Telecom Italia to support MNC’s in reducing the complexities posed by enterprise mobility. It demands in-depth knowledge of the global mobile market which most MNC’s lacked, as well as the building of trust and co-operation between national providers.

The expertise and capabilities of the Alliance’s founding members are further bolstered by close affiliations with other leading operators from all over the world, such as T-Mobile US, Swisscom, BT and Bridge Alliance. Collectively, FreeMove Members and Partners provide services in over 100 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas. Our members boast countless individual awards and industry recognition, thanks to their relentless focus on network coverage, speed, reliability and value-added services.

The Alliance itself is ranked in first place for connectivity across 90% of the FreeMove footprint and is the recipient of numerous industry awards as well as a provider of transparent quality control programs.

Each member of the FreeMove Alliance, together with our partners, is also at the forefront of the development of 5G technology, working closely with many of the world’s leading businesses on use-cases which are transforming industries from renewable energy to blood diagnostics.

A global partner with local expertise.

Perhaps the most powerful and unique attribute FreeMove offers customers is the adoption of a broad strategic view of a MNC’s needs, which incorporates detailed in-country analysis of available products, services and offers. We call this hybrid model our GLOCAL approach. Our customers enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a single point of contact in the form of a Global Account Manager, who in turn is supported by a team of Local Account Managers each of whom are experts in their markets. This allows us to offer a consolidated and comprehensive viewpoint of how to meet the customers’ overall needs, making FreeMove an easy organisation with which to do business.

The FreeMove Alliance and partners:  greater than the sum of all parts


The FreeMove Alliance is greater than the sum of its parts, enabling each member to provide services to customers that go beyond the respective scope of each member. That scope is further broadened and strengthened through numerous partnerships with top-tier operators:

By working with FreeMove, Swisscom can provide its Swiss multinational customers’ access to one of the leading mobile networks and services in Europe and globally, while maintaining a close relationship with their principal telco partner. Swisscom’s customers can now also access FreeMove’s central services, such as its detailed Central Report and Central Ordering tools, as well as extensive Global Business Support.

For over a decade, T-Mobile US have fueled innovation through investment in leading-edge communications technology, most recently engaging in a range of innovative industry partnerships to leverage the value of 5G. A key strategic partner of FreeMove, they facilitate the provision of our services to multinational businesses requiring communications in the United States and Europe.

Serving customers in 180 countries, the British telecommunications group, BT, is one of the world’s most established providers of communications services and solutions. It offers a vast array of capabilities across multiple disciplines, including networked global IT services, and local, national, and international telecommunications services for use at home, at work, and on the move.

Bridge Alliance has been a valued partner of FreeMove for over 10 years. As market leaders in Asia, they offer multinational enterprises the largest geographical footprint and 4G coverage on the continent. Together, FreeMove and Bridge Alliance have helped simplify global procurement challenges and improve mobility solutions, with a partnership reaching over 100 markets.

Industry recognition

We are proud that our work has been acknowledged by many of the leading independent experts in technology and communications. Tom Rebbeck, Research Director, Enterprise and IoT at Analysys Mason, recently commented:

“FreeMove originates in Europe and has strong global reach. The Alliance offers multinationals coverage in most European and many African countries directly through its four members. In addition, FreeMove’s close partnership with T-Mobile US is a key differentiator for many customers operating in markets on either side of the Atlantic. The Alliance has also developed a durable collaboration in Asia with partners such as the Bridge Alliance to benefit MNC’s which operate in that region. All in all, FreeMove’s coverage of more than 100 countries worldwide provides a solid standing for the Alliance in the enterprise mobility service market.”

Fit for the future

Collaboration is central to the Alliance’s  values and culture. FreeMove members and partners believe passionately that our focus on high quality, long-term partnerships for mobile communications has transformed the ability of businesses throughout the world to pursue their global ambitions and realise their full potential. As more and more businesses seek to explore new geographies in this increasingly technologically enabled age, we look forward to working with them side-by-side, helping them to flourish.

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