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Access Services

Your employees need the right tools to work effectively wherever they are. But purchasing an inconsistent combination of national tariffs can quickly get confusing and expensive.

FreeMove Corporate Pooling and FreeMove Flex Profiles work together to guarantee increased visibility and control across your entire mobile fleet and footprint, resulting in more effective management and maximised returns on your mobility budget.

FreeMove Flex Profiles

FreeMove Flex Profiles allows you to group together users with similar communication patterns – for example office-based activities or working on the move, and allocate each of them a profile that best fits their needs

Your benefits

  • Access the leading operator networks in 24 countries in Europe and the USA, at the best prices
  • Move your employees from one profiles to another depending on your current business needs
  • A single bill and price for multiple pools, centralising your spend per country
  • Monitor usage and costs of each employee through a dedicated reporting
  • Harmonise profiles across your footprint to make it easier to manage tariffs centrally

With FreeMove, your employees benefit from the best local deals throughout Europe and the USA, which can be managed globally for simplicity and control.

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FreeMove Corporate Pooling

This is a tailor made mobile communication allowance of voice, SMS, data and roaming that can be shared across all SIMs within the same company and country.

Your benefits

  • Tailor made pools for your specific traffic requirements
  • Share your company-wide allowance across your users and devices
  • A single bill and price for multiple pools, centralising your spend per country
  • No bill shock thanks to predictable costs
  • Ensure the traffic allowance corresponds to actual usage

FreeMove Corporate Pooling is currently available in eight European countries. More countries can be added on case by case basis.