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FreeMove Central Report

All the facts in just a few clicks

FreeMove Central Report is a secure web-based reporting portal for Multi-National-Companies that provides a transparent view on telecommunication cost and usage for your international fleet. Based on the billing and usage data of the integrated FreeMove network operators the Central Report offers an extensive portfolio of reports with aggregations on different levels of granularity to support a detailed cost controlling and usage analysis. The flexible reporting hierarchy allows to consider customer individual country scopes and organization structures. You can also export reports in different formats and integrate them into your corporate resource planning system.

Your benefits

Specialist Resources


Detailed overview over telecommunication costs and usage by country and/or business unit

Business Support Manager


Secure web based access and user friendly portal for multiple access users

Global Account Manager


Simple and lean reporting portfolio with high flexibility for customization

Global Account Manager


Easy setup and excellent service via FreeMove Business Support

Established processes in 35 countries worldwide

FreeMove has currently established data delivery processes with 35 countries. For you as customer it means: The setup of the Central Report is fast & easy, the monthly report comes in time with high data quality and our FreeMove Business Support team  helps you with activation and configuration of the service. Further countries can be added on request.

FreeMove members and partners support their customers

Diverse packages for individual customer needs

Specialist Resources


Basic set of reports for enhanced transparency

Good overview over telecom expenses and usage by country and operator

For one user admin only

Available in 23 countries with established data delivery processes. Further countries could be added at extra costs.

Business Support Manager


Full set of reports for analytical purposes

Includes self configuration of own reports (e.g. high spenders), reports of own organizations, details on roaming & international expenses and reporting per SIM

Multiple user admins

Available in 35 countries with established data delivery processes. Further countries could be added at extra costs.

Global Account Manager


Full set of reports customized to your needs

Aggregated and individual view on different organizational levels down to individual SIM cards

Excellent types of analysis like high spenders, top 10 roamers, zero usage subscribers etc.

Detailed view on invoice positions

Self-configuration of reports

Multiple user accounts with access rights mgnt

What’s next?

To learn more about FreeMove Central Report, download the flyer or contact us directly or your FreeMove Global Account Manager!

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