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International Master Agreement

FreeMove Smart Contracting

The best of both worlds

It’s a fact: when it comes to enterprise mobility, multinationals are faced with a balancing act between fully-centralised, multi-market agreements and also ensuring their local affiliates’ needs are met.

FreeMove Smart Contracting offers a choice of options including:

  • Uniform Terms and Conditions for national agreements in 16 European countries through our International Master Agreement (IMA)
  • Customised value added services that can be contracted by a lead national mobile operator

Your benefits

  • Allows central governance while local affiliates remain involved
  • Speeds up lead time for concluding national agreements
  • Flexibility to cover customised value added services via a lead operator

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Smart Contracting is part of a wider offer that can help you better centralise your mobile services.

International Master Agreement

Single agreement and centralised control

The International Master Agreement (IMA) enables you to bring the majority of your terms together in one framework agreement, under a single signature. You have one central point of contact, improving efficiency and buying power while decreasing the amount of complex legal paperwork.

Pre-aligned terms and conditions mean there is no need to start from ground zero when negotiating term and termination, payment terms, governing law, data protection, confidentiality, liability, etc.

You still have the flexibility to include concise and autonomous local terms and conditions that are signed by your relevant affiliates and the local FreeMove operator in each of your domestic markets.

Your benefits

  • Save you time in negotiation and set-up
  • Simplify and standardises your contracts management
  • Give you greater flexibility to choose the contract model that is right for your organisation