Keeping your business running is our priority!

We are committed to supporting our customers.

FreeMove and its members are working hard to set the necessary responses for their customers. We are conscious that in this difficult moment you are relying on our networks to be connected to keep moving your businesses forward as well as to connect your family and loved ones.

We are working non-stop to keep our networks performing the best.

FreeMove members and partners support their customers

Please, be aware that our Members and National Operators are doing commercially reasonable efforts to make the below listed actions per country available for our customers.

Now more than ever, we will overcome this situation together.

Operator Group Country Mobile Network Operator Status Update
Deutsche Telekom Austria Magenta  Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Czech Republic T-Mobile Czech Republic Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Croatia Croatian Telekom Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Deutschland Telekom Deutschland Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Greece Cosmote Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Netherlands T-Mobile Netherlands Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Slovakia Telekom Slovakia Learn more
Deutsche Telekom US T-Mobile US Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Hungary Telekom Hungary Learn more
Deutsche Telekom Poland T-Mobile Poland Learn more
Telecom Italia Italy TIM Learn more
Orange Business Services Belgium Orange Belgium Learn more
Orange Business Services France Orange France Learn more
Orange Business Services Spain Orange Spain Learn more
Orange Business Services Slovakia Orange Slovakia Learn more
Orange Business Services Poland Orange Poland Learn more
Telia Company Telia Group Sweden







Learn more
Swisscom Swisscom Switzerland Learn more
Bridge Alliance Bridge Alliance Asia Pacific Region Learn more
Megafon Megafon Russia Learn more
Telekom Slovenije Telekom Slovenije Slovenia Learn more