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Quality of Services

As your mobility grows, we help you buy and manage your services as part of a strategy that carefully considers network performance, customer service availability, device care and streamlined account management.

Providing best-in-class services

Building on our local strengths and best-in-class networks, FreeMove members have developed a suite of purpose-designed management and performance tools that are standardised and aligned across our European footprint to help you maximise your company’s mobility at an international level.

FreeMove Quality Portal

Monitor the mobile network coverage and service availability in all your countries at a glance through a web-based application, with intuitive widgets that display overall compliance and gaps with threshold values.

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Harmonised Performance Indicators

We publish and apply a clear set of standards across our footprint which represents a visible assurance of the support you can expect from all FreeMove members in each of your key European countries.

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FreeMove members operate and maintain leading networks in 6 key European countries, and our special partnerships extend your benefits to 100+ countries around the world.

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Quality in relationships

Our team of qualified experts provides a consistent point of contact and global support which makes it easier for you to work with us. With a good understanding of both your priorities and our local markets, we offer professional advice and planning expertise to facilitate your fleet managers’ daily operations.

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