Amena has joined the FreeMove alliance

Amena is Spain’s third largest mobile operator with a customer base of over 10 million. It delivers complementary geographical strength to the alliance as well as leadership in the business market, and was bought by France Télécom in July 2005. The FreeMove alliance now spans 26 countries in which it reaches reaches nearly 260 million customers across Europe, as well as additional operations across the USA and Brazil, bringing up the customer numbers to 295 million.

This strengthening of FreeMove’s international footprint complements the recent partnership of TeliaSonera, the Nordic and Baltic telecommunications leader.

 Paolo Murri, Chairman of the FreeMove Management Board commented: “We see the continued development of the FreeMove alliance footprint and services as a way to continue to help businesses stay connected as employees travel. We look forward to working with Amena to develop improved communications services for companies and their employees.”

Belarmino Garcia, Chief Executive Officer of Amena said: “Joining the FreeMove alliance strengthens Amena’s international presence and gives our multi-national customers an extension of the benefits they currently receive through our network. We look forward to being a part of the alliance and working with Orange, TeliaSonera, TIM and T-Mobile to simplify mobile overseas working for businesses in Europe.”

FreeMove is also continuing to build on its offering to the MNC market with the launch of FreeMove International Connect, available since this summer. With International Connect FreeMove creates a defined group of users and presets the call rates between members of these groups. This includes international direct dialing, mobile to mobile, and mobile to defined number calls. These tailored prices apply to employees, no matter where they are in the world or what network they are on.

 This service can immediately be deployed for FreeMove users in the UK (Orange), France, Germany, Belgium (Mobistar), Italy and Switzerland. Over the next few months, the alliance expects to expand the service for Orange users in Slovakia, Romania, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain and T-Mobile users in the UK, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Together with the other services already launched for multi-national organisations, such as the Blackberry™ package providing standard pricing across multiple territories, central reporting and simplified account management, FreeMove will continue to support MNCs internationally. Through centralising purchasing power, FreeMove will ensure that its customers leverage their buying powers across borders, while also guaranteeing the quality and convenience expected at a local level.