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FreeMove Alliance unveils its pioneering Automation Service at Network X

FreeMove Alliance unveils its pioneering Automation Service at Network X


FreeMove Alliance, the global mobile telecommunications alliance between Deutsche Telekom, Orange, TIM, and Telia, will introduce its innovative service, FreeMove Automation Solution, at the upcoming Network X event on the 24th of October in Paris.

The FreeMove Automation Solution is an automated hub that empowers FreeMove Alliance’s members and partners to provide Mobile Service Automation to multinational customers, extending beyond their own networks. By deploying any member’s mobile management platforms, Mobile Service Automation becomes accessible throughout the FreeMove network. The FreeMove Automation Solution ensures a seamless customer experience across the lead member solutions.

Modern enterprises require a single interface to manage their mobile fleet alongside their other IT services. We have dedicated substantial effort to simplifying global customer experiences and enhancing operational efficiency. We are excited to announce the FreeMove Automation Solution and its benefits during our panel discussion at Network X

said Selma Avdagic Tisljar, General Manager of FreeMove Alliance.

Network X is not just an event; it’s a global meeting ground for pioneers, innovators, and leaders of the telecom industry. Joining hands with esteemed professionals from fixed and mobile networks, and telco software, FreeMove Alliance is ready to delve deep into the ongoing and upcoming waves of technological advancements.

The Alliance’s participation underscores their commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic world of telecom. It’s not merely about being a part of the change; it’s about leading it, collectively. Every discovery, connection, and learning at Network X takes the FreeMove Alliance a step closer to a future where technology and innovation have no limits.

The FreeMove Alliance panel discussion “Maximizing Efficiency through Mobile Service Automation, Beyond Boundaries” will take place on October 24th, from 2 – 4 pm in Workshop B.

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