FreeMove alliance announces the launch of its Data Roaming Portfolio

“Increasingly, large enterprises are looking to make their workforce more mobile and the issue of data roaming has therefore moved further up the IT agenda,” said Fabien Gustafsson, General Manager, FreeMove. “The new service which is available across most of the FreeMove member footprint, helps increase the business travellers’ efficiency through simple and cost effective sevices which allow them to consume their data in various ways.  The bundles are easy to deploy and coupled with the FreeMove Global Account Manager users are now better equipped to streamline their mobile mangement.”

The new portfolio aims to meet the distinct needs of  the global or European business traveller who uses different devices to communicate – laptops or smartphones for email – and  includes:

  • The FreeMove European Daily Pass provides the traveller with up to 50MB of roaming data for the day for a fixed fee as soon as they connect in a European country. Similar to a wifi day pass, this package delivers great value to mobile broadband roaming for users who travel occasionally within Europe with predictable prices but without being tied to a particular location.
  • FreeMove European Monthly Bundle is targeted at frequent business travellers in Europe and provides 100MB of data per month for a flat fee.  The price per MB is lower than standard Pay As You Go (PAYG) tariffs and the bundle provides perdictable costs to the business.
  • FreeMove International Data Roaming allows travellers to access their e-mails though their laptop and smartphone intermittently for a flat fee. The service splits the world into four zones and chargers users per MB prices which relate to where they connect from in the world.

The packages are currently available to travellers based in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. FreeMove is looking to extend the package to users based in Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden over the next six months.

In most cases the prices are ‘network independent’, which means the user does not need to connect to a local preferred network to get the best price.  In addition, the European ‘zone’ is almost identical for all countries offering the package.  This means it’s simple for an enterprise customer to understand and implement the FreeMove Data Roaming Portfolio for users based in different European countries via their FreeMove Global Account manager. 

“The new package provides enterprise customers with data roaming offers that are more consistent, easier to manage and better value than previous offers,” added Gustafsson. “They mark a real breakthrough in helping international companies keep their business travellers connected and in control, whilst lowering costs and making managing mobility even simpler. The service further strenghtens our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of multinational customers in Europe.”