FreeMove Signs Coca Cola Hellenic for 16 Country Mobile Services Contract

FreeMove Alliance,today announced that it has won the contract to support Coca Cola Hellenic’s mobile workforce across 16 countries. As part of the contract FreeMove will support more than 24,000 Sims with centralised reporting and local country account management.

The sixteen countries supported under the contract are: Austria, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Russia.

“We are excited and pleased to welcome Coca Cola Hellenic to our growing portfolio of customers. As businesses become increasingly reliant on a mobile workforce, the ability to manage this complex communications channel becomes more difficult. By outsourcing the management of mobile services to FreeMove Alliance our customers benefit from our unparalleled experience and the associated cost savings achieved with working with an International organisation like us,” said Silke Hoesch, General Manager FreeMove.