New FreeMove offer: Simple pricing and innovative services including fixed price, BlackBerry email roaming

The alliance, which reaches nearly 170 million managed customers in 20 European territories and some 230 million customers worldwide, has also announced a fixed monthly roaming rate for business users of BlackBerryTM devices, allowing them cost-effective access to email when they travel.

Fernando Panizo, current Chairman of FreeMove Management Board, commented, “These new services sweep away the complexity associated with international mobile call charges and allow business customers to manage their budgets quickly and effectively.”

Simple and Predictable Multi-country Roaming Offer for MNCs

Roaming tariffs normally include a number of elements such as the country visited, the type of roaming call made, whether a call is made or received and, in many cases, which network the roaming user is connected to at the time.  For MNC customers, who spend more than €4bn year on mobile communications, considering roaming offers for users based in many countries is often a complex, time-consuming and expensive task.  

The FreeMove alliance aims to significantly reduce this complexity and can now offer MNC customers with operations based in the UK, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain, a simple and enhanced range of services with predictable tariffs.

The features of the new offering include:

  • Simple Zoning: Predictable and transparent roaming price plans with a straightforward system of geographic zones
  • Network Independence: The tariffs are the same regardless of the network which the user’s handset connects to, so there are no surprises
  • Transparency: There is no fixed per user fee, so customers can apply the scheme to both their frequent and infrequent roamers

Fixed Price Roaming for BlackBerry™  Email Users

BlackBerry™ users will benefit from simple monthly rates even when they roam, allowing them virtually unlimited access to email.  Businesses will benefit from knowing that wherever their BlackBerry™ users are travelling, they will only pay a fixed monthly fee for sending and receiving messages.  This is a breakthrough for businesses and will allow them to easily and accurately predict the costs of international BlackBerry™ email use. 

Innovative Services for Multi-National Customers

The FreeMove alliance is also moving the mobile communications industry forward with services such as centralised reporting, dedicated support for MNC customers, and a single sales contact.  Other improved services for MNCs announced today include:

  •  Consolidated account and bid management to simplify customer service for MNC customers
  • Advanced international central reporting and analysis, providing customers with a transparent view of their usage and costs across its footprint
  • A customer support team for MNC customers

The alliance also unveiled a high-profile pan-European advertising campaign that launches today.  The campaign, which focuses on the simplicity and transparency of the FreeMove offering for international travellers, will run in national business press in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, key pan-European press titles, online and at major airports.