TIM expands its roaming service on the LTE network abroad

TIM expands its roaming service on the LTE network abroad. All TIM customers travelling to Hong Kong and Germany will be able to use the new generation 4G network for their services, without additional costs, just as they do in Italy. The service is active from today in Hong Kong thanks to an agreement with the operator CSL, and will be available in Germany from 16 June thanks to an agreement with T Mobile.

There will be no additional costs for the use of the local network other than those normally provided for abroad in the customer’s pricing plan. What’s more, the roaming service using LTE technology will soon be extended to other European countries.

To use your mobile phone abroad with the 4G network you need a smartphone, tablet or dongle compatible with the 4G frequency of the network visited and a SIM Card already activated with a valid 4G offer in Italy.

In addition to the use of the LTE network, access to the other technologies (GPRS, EDGE, 3G UMTS, HSPA) will still be possible.