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"Through FreeMove, MNCs can access
some of the best mobile networks and
services in the world while keeping
a close relationship with their primary
and trusted telco partner."
"FreeMove has helped many large
multinationals to implement the
necessary processes to
improve their service consistency
across a large footprint."
"The MNC market is always looking for
solutions that help reduce the complexity
and cost of cross border enterprise mobility
and FreeMove has introduced some
new services in this respect"
"MNCs looking for a global mobile provider
who is easy to work with can now benefit
from FreeMove’s Smart Contracting legal
concept and Quality Portal."
“FreeMove allows MNCs to benefit from
the best of two worlds:
The organization very efficiently
coordinates the local national
operators of its members
while centralizing the management
of all mobile services for multinationals"

Keeping your business running is our priority!

FreeMove and its members are working hard to set the necessary responses for their customers. We are conscious that in this difficult moment you are relying on our networks to be connected moving your business forward. We are working non-stop to keep your business running. Here is the update on our members and national operators’ efforts to address the impact of COVID-19.

FreeMove members and partners support their customers



How MNCs can win in the 5G world? FreeMove conducted a paper to collect its members’ live initiatives and to provide a big-picture how MNCs can benefit from the technology. Enjoy reading!


Formed in 2003, FreeMove brings together four leading mobile operators Orange, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom and Telia Company. Between us we serve 400 million customers across the world.


Supporting you in your journey to centralisation

Supporting you in your journey to centralisation

Communicate and exchange information freely without compromise, while receiving the support and visibility you need to control your mobile fleet.

Providing best-in-class mobility services wherever you operate

Providing best-in-class mobility services wherever you operate

Maximise your business value through access to premium networks, outstanding service quality, joined up support and simplified mobility management.

Facilitating your procurement strategy & processes

Facilitating your procurement strategy & processes

Streamline commercial arrangements through a flexible contracting approach that improves procurement efficiency and buying power while decreasing paperwork.

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