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Expanded US Partnership

Expanded US Partnership


Europe and the US just got a little closer together, at least in mobile terms. T-Mobile and FreeMove today announced an expanded partnership to meet the wireless needs of multi-national businesses looking for seamless global communications. Under the new partnership, T-Mobile becomes FreeMove’s exclusive US partner and is now able to offer solutions spanning the coverage areas of FreeMove’s partners, including Orange, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom and Telia Company who are already market leaders in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Finland.

“Businesses on both sides of the Atlantic will benefit from our extended partnership as well as increased European and US sales and management resources. For example, our global account managers not only act as trusted advisors to ensure high quality service delivery across borders, but also help drive efficiencies and innovation to support a company’s digital transformation,” said Stephan Fauser, General Manager of FreeMove.

“At T-Mobile, we’re all about listening to customers and fixing their pain points, and as pain points go, they don’t get much bigger than mobile transatlantic communications. This new partnership with FreeMove ensures our growing roster of marquis multi-nationals can get the coverage they need – here in the US and abroad,” said Mike Katz, Senior Vice President of T-Mobile for Business.

T-Mobile US first signed on as a FreeMove partner in 2010, and the two organizations share the same vision of reducing complexity and improving synergies and cost savings for businesses. The new partnership and closer collaboration will ensure customers get streamlined products and services, simplified procurement and integrated deployment management.

“We now offer streamlined commercial agreements across more than 100 countries and maintain close partnerships with top mobility players across the world,” adds Fauser. “Our collaboration with T-Mobile US makes it even easier for companies to manage very large international mobile fleets without the hassle and cost implications of dealing with multiple suppliers.”

T-Mobile has been on a tear in the U.S. wireless industry over the last four-plus years, netting over 1 million subscribers in the last 18 consecutive fiscal quarters. Business customers have become an increasingly important part of T-Mobile’s success, with the Un-carrier’s share of US wireless business customers more than doubling since Un-carrier for Business launched in 2015.

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