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Seamless connectivity with BT

Seamless connectivity with BT


FreeMove announces its partnership with BT Group. This improves the scope of FreeMove’s high-quality mobile services to offer seamless connectivity wherever multinational customers do business including the UK.

Formed in 2003, FreeMove synchronises the know-how and capabilities of its members including mobile operators Orange, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom and Telia Company who are present in key countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Finland.

BT Group plc (trading as BT), serves the broadband, phone, TV and mobile needs of businesses and consumers in the UK and in 180 countries worldwide. Through its EE network, the Group runs the biggest and fastest 4G network in the UK, serving 30 million customers. As at September 2017, the EE network reached more than 86% of the UK geography, with 4G coverage in more places than any other operator.

The agreement announced today will help BT to deliver mobile services that meet business customers’ connectivity needs both internationally and in the UK. It simplifies the contracting arrangements between BT, FreeMove and other operators which underpin these services. By taking a joined-up approach, BT and Freemove aim to offer the best customer experience and provide coherent support and service quality wherever multinational companies need it most.

FreeMove’s mission is to use high performing networks and extensive coverage to support the mobile strategies of today’s global businesses.

Mobile telecommunications have become crucial for business operations, along with the need for simplicity. That’s why FreeMove seeks partnerships that will ultimately make life easier for organisations spread across different countries.

Stephan Fauser, General Manager of FreeMove, testifies: “We firmly believe this agreement with BT will help us even better serve the increasing demands for seamless mobile services throughout the UK and beyond.”

Looking ahead, FreeMove will continue to optimise its global communication solutions on a single platform to enable streamlined procurement, management and support across a company’s offices worldwide.

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