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FreeMove Customer Support

FreeMove Business Support

A first class customer care

This first class support function serves as a single point of contact, helping your fleet managers manage and supervise the activation of all international products and services across your footprint. They also handle any day-to-day operational issues and liaise on your behalf with Global and Local Account Managers, Customer Support Managers, Implementation Managers and Product Managers.

Your benefits

  • Increased efficiency, consistence and accuracy of the way in which FreeMove services are delivered
  • Extensive knowledge of all FreeMove products and processes
  • Prompt and effective support
  • Fast and easy customer access

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FreeMove Customer Support Management

Your own dedicated experts

Our specialist Customer Support Management team works closely with your fleet managers to resolve any technical issues and helps you manage your mobile services in an easy and cost-effective way.

  • Central point of contact for all of your service issues, at a multinational level
  • Central fleet control across your affiliates and across your borders
  • Consolidated monitoring to ensure your FreeMove services are performing at their best

They coordinate regular reports and status meetings, proactively manage feasibility studies for new offers or enhancements, and remain in close contact with FreeMove Business Support experts and local customer service units.

Your benefits

  • Proactive and close relationships in handling your international service requests or issues
  • Regular reporting on international service provision
  • Direct and simple escalation path when necessary
  • Transparency over the international footprint