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The top Telco market analysts are sharing their views on FreeMove


“FreeMove specialises in providing services for multinational corporations looking to centralise their mobile service procurement . It has helped many large multinationals to implement the necessary processes to improve their service consistency across a large footprint. Multinationals can reduce overall mobile costs through centralised service procurement. By partnering with a single provider like FreeMove, they also benefit from improved mobility management as well as consistent support for end users across the organisation.”

Pauline Trotter , Practice Leader, Workspace at Ovum


“FreeMove originates in Europe and has strong global reach. The organisation offers multinationals coverage in most European and many African countries directly through its four members, as well as around the globe via partnerships such as the Bridge Alliance in Asia or T-Mobile in the US. FreeMove’s Active Partner Program has further helped to develop strong collaboration worldwide, ranging from central service management to harmonized P&S implementation.”

Tom Rebbeck Research Director, Enterprise and IoT at Analysys Mason


“FreeMove introduced its ‘Powered by’ go-to-market approach in 2015 specifically for MNCs who have adopted a centralized approach when it comes to mobility procurement. Through FreeMove, they can access some of the best mobile networks and services in the world while keeping a close relationship with their primary and trusted telco partner. We believe this has made a real difference in terms of customer satisfaction.”

Rosie Secchi, Research Manager, European Wireless and Mobile Communications at IDC


“MNCs looking for a global mobile provider who is easy to work with can now benefit from FreeMove’s Smart Contracting legal concept and Quality Portal. Smart Contracting is ideal for MNCs who have adopted a centralized procurement approach which requires a single contract or a high degree of harmonization. The FreeMove Quality Portal allows MNCs to closely monitor the performance of the mobile networks over their geographical footprint according to specific harmonized KPIs.”

Kitty Weldon, Research Director, Business Network and IT Services (Americas) & Enterprise Mobility Practice Lead at GlobalData


“The MNC market is always looking for solutions that help reduce the complexity and cost of cross border enterprise mobility and FreeMove has introduced some new services in this respect. Its Corporate Pooling offer allows MNCs to share tailor-made mobile communication allowances of minutes, SMS and data across both user and device SIMs within their company. FreeMove also provides dedicated packages of national & roaming voice and data adapted to the business user profile. This gives MNCs the possibility to optimize their budget by re-allocating users to profiles based on their traffic analysis.”

Nicholas McQuire, Vice President, Enterprise Research at CCS Insight