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Workplace transformation

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Workplace transformation is a great opportunity to improve productivity and employee experiences but can also be an organizational & technological challenge.

The advantages of a central enterprise mobility strategy

Mobility is the cornerstone to workplace transformation, freeing teams from the ties of a single office. There are obvious benefits including easy access to enterprise applications and real-time collaboration tools that keep teams connected and cooperating wherever they are. However, it also brings concerns such as how to manage devices and ensure security along with end user support across all premises and operating countries.

As your mobility partner, FreeMove can help you achieve the best of both worlds. You can bring together your fragmented mobile procurement and management approaches to leverage purchasing power and a tighter control over your fleet. But you can also still ensure local delivery, decision-making and support.

FreeMove also offers the dual advantage of accessing the best mobility solutions on the market as well as understanding and advising what is right for your organisation. After all, each of our Members have a lot of experience when it comes to workplace transformation, including their own.  

How FreeMove can help you?

Best Practices

To deploy new, emerging technologies that accelerate transformation and help overcome siloed mobile solutions or fragmented approaches.

Process and Solutions

To reduce complexity for managers and users and provide a seamless experience for teams moving from one office to another.

Security Expertise

To combine the freedom of a mobile workforce with the business-wide safety concerns of corporate data, regulation and compliance.

A Global Approach

To procure and manage mobile devices and productivity applications.

Better Connectivity

For all employees including back-office and frontline workers.

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In a recent report conducted by Ovum for FreeMove, 88% of large companies surveyed said workplace transformation was already underway or planned.

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