Telia mobile network is best in Sweden

Telia Company’s Swedish mobile network is the best according to a heavyweight independent survey which is published yesterday (13th of December). Telia ranks no. 1 for both mobile voice and data.

P3 Communications which is an international consulting, engineering and testing corporation, has for the first time performed tests of Swedish mobile networks. P3 used two test cars that visited 12 large cities and 18 smaller towns in Sweden as well as connecting roads to test mobile voice and data. The tested areas cover more than 3 million people, about 41 per cent of the Swedish population.

Best voice and data

The results show that Telia Company has the best mobile network for both voice and data in Sweden.

Anders Olsson, COO and Head of GSO, Telia Company, says: “This is great news! The result is based on a strong team effort between several units within GSO and the Swedish organisation. Teams with the important role to make sure that our customers have the best experience no matter if they make a call or want to use data for uninterrupted surf. I’m very happy to see that all the hard work really pays off and a big thanks to all of you who have been contributing to reach this result.”

Facts mobile network tests in Sweden

  • P3’s tests encompassed networks belonging to Telia Company, Telenor, Tele2 and Tre. Telia Company was ranked no. 1 for both voice and data.
  • On its tour through 12 larger Swedish cities and 18 smaller Swedish towns, P3‘s two measurement cars carried eight Samsung S5 smartphones each. These phones permanently called each other, while the connected testing equipment registered success ratios, setup times and the speech quality of the calls. In order to simulate normal smartphone usage, data transfers took place in the background of the test calls.
  • P3‘s network benchmarks are widely accepted by the telecommunications industry.

P3’s full report (in English)