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The power of Central Reporting

The power of Central Reporting


All businesses run on data. Without a clear and detailed picture of everything from inventory to income it is almost impossible to make reliable decisions and plan for the future. For international organisations this need is even more acute, due to the added complexity of working in multiple time zones, languages, jurisdictions, and currencies. While also trying to ensure the business is taking full advantage of its scale and buying power.

For enterprises with global mobile communications needs, a single hub providing reliable, timely, and transparent reporting is essential. Mobile communications are not only critical to virtually all global businesses, but are a significant investment the sum of which is shaped by many complex factors. These include different tiers of call rates, data usage volumes, fluctuations in roaming activity, and device loss or damage. And the number of individual accounts can number tens of thousands. Gathering this informational manually and at regular intervals from a patchwork of different providers would be a huge logistical headache for any business. And, most importantly, an avoidable one.

FreeMove Central Report

To overcome this challenge The FreeMove Alliance created its Central Report, offering a single, fully-inclusive report, giving total usage visibility to international businesses. Central Report is a secure, web-based reporting portal that provides a clear and up-to-date report on cost and usage for international fleets. It enables businesses to examine their usage in detail, including parameters such as region, business unit, time and even type of connection.

Its interactive structure allows customers to carry out further research and analysis, revealing cost-relevant developments and enabling them to take the appropriate action. This can include a high-spender analysis or the identification of dead SIM cards (i.e. zero usage SIM cards), to further optimize mobile communication costs. And to make things even simpler, data can be easily exported into popular software packages such as Excel.


Simple to set-up, easy to use

To benefit from FreeMove Central Report, customers simply need to arrange for written permission from local markets to provide usage data to the business’ international headquarters. The proven, secure, and resilient data delivery processes with mobile operators in 36 countries ensure that data is efficiently supplied to head office. From there a designated administrator can monitor it and make it available to others in the business who can benefit from it.

Support at every step

Central Reporting has been designed from the ground up to be simple and intuitive. However FreeMove Business Support is on hand to provide assistance to the administrator, and others, if needed. Remote web-based training can be accessed to help new users or enhance the skills of existing ones, while an International Customer Service Manager can provide guidance on how to get the most from a deep-dive into either national or international data. FreeMove also provide local support for new subsidiaries to ensure a smooth integration, and our Business Support team are experts at configuring additional users and the specific features of each package.

FreeMove – helping you do business

The FreeMove Alliance was established to help international businesses run their mobile communications smoothly and efficiently. Central Reporting embodies this thinking, by placing clear, comprehensive and actionable data into the hands of organisations. As 5G reshapes the possibilities of mobile communications and offers exciting new ways to leverage mobile using higher volumes of faster data, accurate and reliable reporting will become yet more important to global organisations, and an increasingly rich form of insight into their business operations.

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