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Deutsche Telekom – Definitely environmentally friendly

Deutsche Telekom – Definitely environmentally friendly


As a large corporation, Telekom assumes responsibility for environmental protection. Uniform environmental standards ensure that resource-saving behavior is anchored in all processes and in the daily behavior of employees.

There are internationally recognized standards for environmental protection in companies, such as the ISO standards (standards of the International Organization for Standardization, ISO for short). These form the basis for environmental management at Telekom. This ensures that environmental policy is implemented uniformly throughout the Group.

Environmental protection as a standard

Telekom in Germany has been working in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001 for environmental management systems since 1998. Compliance with the ISO standard enables, among other things, resources to be used more efficiently, energy to be saved and waste to be avoided. Employees help to further increase environmental friendliness with their own suggestions.

More than 40 of Deutsche Telekom’s Group companies now operate in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. In some countries, Deutsche Telekom is even setting new standards: In June 2010, for example, T-Hrvatski Telekom became the first company in Croatia to be certified to ISO 14001.

Safe, healthy, climate-friendly

Telekom’s commitment goes far beyond the issue of climate protection: Since 2010, a uniform Group-wide HSE management system has been in place. HSE stands for the three main topics of health, safety and environment. The international standards for occupational health and safety, environmental management and quality management serve as the basis for this.

Employees and experts from all Deutsche Telekom national companies regularly exchange information and jointly develop a comprehensive management system. The first health and safety certifications were awarded to T-Systems companies in Austria, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the Slovak Republic as early as 2010.
Group Headquarters and other national companies were certified in 2011. The uniform HSE management system is currently implemented in all relevant companies.


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