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Telia prioritizing key impact areas and ambitious goals in sustainability

Telia prioritizing key impact areas and ambitious goals in sustainability


Telia Company has incorporated sustainability goals into its business strategy, which reflects the company’s ambition to constantly improve connected lives and societies. These goals encompass a range of topics covering the three impact areas where Telia believes it can make the biggest difference: climate and circularity, digital inclusion, and privacy and security.

The company is committed to achieving net zero by 2040, halving emissions by 2030, and achieving zero waste by 2030 to address the climate crisis and unsustainable use of natural resources. Telia has set specific targets for reducing CO2e emissions in its operations and those of its value chain, achieving science-based targets and increasing the reuse and recycling of materials.

Telia aims to extend the lifetime of devices through a significant increase in sales of pre-owned/reused mobile phones and those provided as “Device as a Service.” The company is also focused on using only renewable electricity and reducing energy consumption per subscription equivalent by 5% (base year: 2018).

Overall, Telia is working toward a sustainable future by prioritizing key impact areas and setting ambitious goals to reduce its environmental impact.

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