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Deutsche Telekom’s further commitment to sustainability

Deutsche Telekom’s further commitment to sustainability


Deutsche Telekom is not only committed to providing reliable services but also to be a leader in sustainability. In October 2022, Deutsche Telekom held its Sustainability Day, showcasing the company’s deep commitment to sustainability and the goals it has set for itself.

One of Deutsche Telekom’s ambitious goals is to become climate-neutral within the company by 2025. The company is making strides towards this goal by switching its entire company fleet in Germany to electric vehicles. Additionally, the company is aiming to achieve complete climate neutrality by 2040. In March 2023, the company set a new, ambitious interim goal – by 2030, it wants to have cut its CO2 emissions by 55 percent compared to 2020.

Deutsche Telekom recognizes that managing energy more efficiently is critical to achieving its sustainability goals. With the demand for data increasing by around 25 % every year, there is a risk that energy consumption in the company’s networks will rise, too. To combat this, Deutsche Telekom is aiming to double energy efficiency in its European networks by 2024 by replacing old technology with newer versions and switching its network infrastructure to IP technology.

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