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In 2020, Telia received out of 58,000 telephones and 95% are reused

In 2020, Telia received out of 58,000 telephones and 95% are reused


Telia focuses on reusing and recycling of waste from its own operations and networks construction and maintenance to achieve zero waste by 2030, meaning that the company will reuse or recycle 100% of the waste.

Telia Company provides customers with circular offerings and enables them to reduce emissions, waste and costs through digitalization.

Telia MobilPant – a more environmentally friendly mortgage scheme for mobile phones

MobilPant is a return scheme for mobile phones and tablets, where customers can mortgage their old mobile and receive a credit note corresponding to the value of the phone. In 2020, Telia received 58,000 telephones and 95% of collected telephones are reused. Thus, used items can benefit others, and those who mortgage their mobile phone can get a new one at a reduced price.

By extending the life of a mobile, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 27 kilos – or a drive with a diesel car from Stavanger to Kristiansand. Mobile phones that cannot be reused are destroyed in an environmentally friendly way.

Telia has signed a collaboration agreement with a market leader in the recycling of mobile phones and other technology. All units received go through a complete and comprehensive data removal process performed by the company’s technicians in a secure area.

Once the information has been removed from the units a complete report is issued as evidence that data removal was successful and complete. This is done in accordance with legal audit requirements and IT security standards.

All recycling is done according to agreed processes and Telia’s Supplier Code of Conduct, no old telephones or tablets are resold to the country of origin.

Learn more about Device Recycling and E-waste management

This paper is discussing best practices and use cases of device recycling, handset, and e-waste management from FreeMove Alliance operators to achieve sustainable Supply Chain Management in a Circular Economy.

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