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The Eco Rating methodology

The Eco Rating methodology


The Eco Rating methodology evaluates the environmental performance of mobile phones across the entire life cycle – production, transportation, use and disposal at end of life – culminating in a final score.

Eco Rating uses information provided by manufacturers about the mobile devices they supply to mobile operators. The evaluation is made by combining 13 different environmental indicators and 6 different material efficiency criteria to obtain just one single score for each device.

These indicators include raw material extraction, device manufacturing, logistics, consumer use and disposal at end of life, in addition to usability, durability, repairability and recyclability.

The Eco Rating methodology builds on industry knowledge and best practice gathered through previous environmental labelling initiatives.

It has been developed with technical support and supervision from IHOBE (a publicly-owned agency specialized in Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment), with the participation of device suppliers, using the latest standards and guidelines from the European Union, ITU-T, ETSI and ISO with new parameters introduced where appropriate.

Learn more about Eco Rating and be informed of the environmental impact of mobile devices!

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