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Deutsche Telekom’s Sustainability Day 2022

Deutsche Telekom’s Sustainability Day 2022


Deutsche Telekom is presenting targets and measures that it will implement on its journey to becoming the world’s most sustainable telecommunications company.

Sustainability Day 2022: Deutsche Telekom Board of Management underscores sustainability as a top priority.

  • Deutsche Telekom’s Board of Management is presenting the company’s new sustainability strategy
  • Deutsche Telekom to cut energy consumption in Europe over the next two years
  • Sustainable development goals anchored in the Group strategy and Board of Management’s remuneration system
  • Focus on climate neutrality, a circular economy, diversity and digital participation, as well as good corporate governance

“Our customers, but also our investors, consider it important that our company grows sustainably. It is not only the price of the products that interests them, but also the price paid by the environment. That is why we are redoubling our efforts, for example, to achieve climate neutrality and a circular economy,” says CEO Tim Höttges at the Group’s first Sustainability Day. Deutsche Telekom will allow itself to be measured on its sustainability targets, just as it does for its financial figures. The Group confirms its financial targets for 2022 and its medium-term targets announced at the Capital Markets Day 2021.

Among other things, Deutsche Telekom wants to double its energy efficiency gains by 2024, making further progress in decoupling energy consumption from constantly increasing online data volumes. The company aims to reduce its energy consumption all across Europe. Consumption for 2024 in Germany should be at least ten percent lower than 2020 levels, helping Deutsche Telekom do its bit for the current energy situation.

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Sustainable Management whitepaper by FreeMove Alliance

Sustainable management is crucial to FreeMove Alliance members and partners. Each of our operators are taking action in order to create a greener future. To learn more about our joint efforts, get our latest whitepaper based on an in-depth analysis of 25 countries on:

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  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Taking sustainability to the next level with 5G

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