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TIM will be using 100% renewable energy by 2025

TIM will be using 100% renewable energy by 2025


The TIM Group’s main assets, fixed and mobile infrastructure and data centers, are at the heart of the company’s energy efficiency activities.

On the fixed network, TIM is committed to a comprehensive action plan to expand coverage, accelerate the transition to fibre (up to 60% more eco-efficient than ADSL) and promote the use of digital services to offer better performance with less energy consumption.

The modernisation of mobile networks with equipment that saves 20% of energy and the deployment of 5G, which is up to five times more eco-efficient than 4G, will also ensure better performance with a reduced environmental impact.

TIM’s data centres, which contribute to innovative and eco-efficient solutions, are ever increasingly green and the company will design and build new facilities using 100% renewable energy.

Moreover, by 2023 their infrastructures will be carbon free thanks to the purchase of 100% clean energy and a photovoltaic plan for the self-production of renewable energy on some sites.

New Spaces and New Ways of Working

Monitoring energy efficiency also involves better management of the working environment, especially for a group as large as TIM. For this reason, they have launched a significant initiative to restructure and optimise their offices and make them more functional and sustainable, including desk sharing, the use of environmentally friendly materials, consumption detection sensors and investments to increase energy efficiency.

Clear and transparent communication of their Industrial Plan ESG goals is necessary in order to support investors, analysts and rating agencies in evaluating our sustainability performances.

Environmental targets:

  • Using 100% renewable energy* by 2025
  • Eliminate indirect emissions (Scope 2) by 2025
  •  Improving the company’s eco-efficiency by 50% within 2025, by means of Fiber and 5G
  • Enriching their sustainable products and services portfolio  (+15% green smartphones) by 2024
  • Heading towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030
  • Increasing by 20% per year the spread of digital services capable of reducing CO2 emissions and consumption of natural resources and making the digital economy safer for companies.

Sustainable Management

Sustainable management is crucial to FreeMove Alliance members and partners. Each of our operators are taking action in order to create a greener future. To learn more about our joint efforts, get our latest whitepaper based on an in-depth analysis of 25 countries on:

  • Renewable Energy and Carbon Emissions
  • Device Recycling and Handset Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Taking sustainability to the next level with 5G

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