We are honored to receive another great report on the Alliance’s overall performance from GlobalData. This insightful report by Kathryn Weldon, Business Analyst, is providing a transparent and detailed overview with a clear see of our strengths and how the Alliance did in the 2020-2021 period.

How FreeMove supported MNC’s during COVID

It became clear that mobility plays a big role, not only in 2020/2021 but in the coming years as well. Coming times may revolve more and more around being available and have the chance to connect with colleagues in all possible scenarios. FreeMove coordinated a multi-country COVID response, informing the customers to avoid bill shocks during the lockdown.

The Glocal philosophy

Every FreeMove customer is provided with a Global Account Manager, as a single point of contact for the customer. The Global Account Manager understands the customer’s needs and coordinates the services within local markets through Local Account Managers with the aim of the perfect solution for the customer.

Swisscom is joining the Alliance

Swisscom and FreeMove partnership opens access for Swiss MNCs to have top mobile networks in Europe and globally. On the other hand, Swisscom becomes FreeMove’s preferred partner for their customers with the need for state-of-the-art mobile telecommunication services in the Swiss market.

Expanded target customer strategy

FreeMove recently launched a simple and trusted quality offer, called Enterprise S, that will take mid-size MNCs’ decentralized fleets towards centralization, with all benefits of being a FreeMove customer.

Transparency across global footprint 

FreeMove’s Central Report is a fully automated solution that integrates the mobile invoices of international fleets. Allowing cost controlling and optimization to be done easily, Central Report offers customers a single report to have total control across their footprint.

New whitepaper on 5G – Guiding global businesses to harness 5G worldwide

Publishing a whitepaper of how Alliance members and partners are harnessing 5G, the use cases are showing realistic results of a technology that’s yet to come to its full potential. Supporting a highly mobile workforce, reliable service providers are game-changers. With top providers like Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US, Orange Telia Sweden, TIM, and Swisscom, customers can gain all possible benefits with FreeMove, which is connecting them.

What’s next?

FreeMove remains valuable for MNCs which procure and manage mobility centrally, as they need a partner that can synchronize service delivery, tariff management, and support on an extensive footprint. FreeMove is adapting by targeting mid-size MNCs and is adding functionality to its reporting and sales tools. The advice of its new customer advisory board (and a new COVID Online Workshop) may reap rewards, with the group helping to evolve FreeMove’s offerings.

In case you are interested, you can read the live use cases from the FreeMove 5G whitepaper. Read it now!

guiding global businesses to harness 5g worldwide whitepaper on 5g by FreeMove